Monthly Update on Using Your Oils

Listening To Your Inner Wisdom – August Edition

With the FULL MOON happening in Aquarius while in the star sign of Leo let’s utilize this time to increase creativity and confidence.. Oils to help you feel unstuck are.. 🌿 Cypress & Juniper Berry 🌿 Cypress & Grapefruit These blends will help stimulate movement and change. 🌱 Cardamom clears out frustration, deep anger and… Continue reading Listening To Your Inner Wisdom – August Edition

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Thick Eyebrows

We all know, as we age our brows start to thin.. so here is one to try to help those brows thicken up again.⁣⁣My blend is mixed with equal parts of YARROWPOM & ANTI-AGING blend roller and jojoba oil.⁣⁣OTHERWISE you can use the following and make up your own hair growth blend:⁣🌱LAVENDER ⁣🌱PEPPERMINT⁣🌱ROSEMARY⁣🌱CEDARWOOD ⁣🌱LEMONGRASS⁣🌱THYME⁣🌱CLARY SAGE⁣🌱TEA… Continue reading Thick Eyebrows