Top 10 Must Have Essential Oils

The top 10 dōTERRA Essential Oils are:

Enrolment Kits Including These Top 10 Oils

The above oils are the most poular and widely used.

There are Enrolment Kits that include all of the top ten essential oils.

Choose from the Home Essential Kit which contain the Top Ten Oils in a 15ml bottle, as well as a Petal Diffuser. This kit is $330 and if you break down the costs it is $58 for the diffuser and $27.20 per 15ml bottle. This deal is extremely cost effective due to Frankincense on its own retails at $119.

You could also opt for the Family Essentials Kit, which also includes these Top Ten Oils – just in 5ml bottles. We call this our sample kit where you can have a little taste on what these oils have to offer. This kit is only $174.00 when you sign up for the wholesale membership. You can also add a 12hr Petal diffuser for only $58.

All enrolment kits come with a FREE wholesale membership which you can access wholesale prices (25% off retail price) for 12months. You will also be sent a welcome bag which contains an essential oil information booklet filled with lots of useful tips and tricks on how to use your oils. PLUS you will be able to access our member only app which contains hundreds of different recipes and DIY ideas.

To see the full range of Enrolment Kits and all of the amazing oils that they contain – jump over the dōTERRA Kits page.

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