About Me

Cat Primmer
Silver dōTERRA Leader

WELCOME and Thank You for joining me in introducing less toxic products into our homes with quick and easy DIY ideas.

In 2017, after being extremely skeptical about essential oils I attended my first dōTERRA class after my good friend gave me a PEPPERMINT roller to help with my daughters fevers. Not only did this peppermint essential oil reduce her fever but she finally had a full nights sleep.

My next mission was to help my other daughter who states that “sleeping is boring” get to sleep. With the help of LAVENDER and FRANKINCENSE in the diffuser in the late afternoon and massaging these oils with FRACTIONATED COCONUT after a bath, hallelujah!!! She drifts off to sleep without having a ranga rage moment..!
After having many more “come to Jesus” moments (as I like to call it) I truly love dōTERRA even more then when I started. 

WHY? Because it has not only changed the health and mental wellbeing of my family BUT I love seeing the positive impact it has made to others.

Now let’s all start taking control of our families health by removing nasty chemicals and help our body + minds function better.

These products are so natural and easy to use and best of all, SAFE FOR THE FAMILY !!