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I’m a true believer that Knowledge is Power! And there are so many ways we can learn about how to use essential oils in our daily lives. Here are my go to Apps, Books, Websites and Facebook groups that have helped me along the way.

Apps for Smart Phones & Tablets

Apps are the most convenient way to learn about each oil. They make life so simple – you just have to pull out your phone, open up the app and type in the oil or ailment.
Voila! The information is readily available.

When you join our ELTASHA tribe I will gift you this app FOR FREE!!! This app provides hundreds of different ideas and recipes on how to use your oils. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Modern Essentials
I currently use this app the most. Very easy to use and understand

EoE books
Essentials of the earth – My second favourite app. More scientific base information

The Essential Life
Very much like the Modern Essential app where it is easy to use but probably a little prettier

Essential Oil Guide
This app helped me keep a log of my ever growing collection. This was my main app at the start to keep me organised on what oils I had in my collection and which oils were on my wish list.

Essential Emotions
This app targets essential oils for emotional support

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I am a book lover!!!! Nothing relaxes me more then a drop of the ADAPTIV blend on my lava rock (which I place on my chest so I can smell the aroma), I add my sleep blend to the tip of my big toe (LAVENDER PEACE, CEDARWOOD & VETIVER), I apply ROSE touch roller over my heart in the shape of a heart and deeply inhale, AND then pick an educational essential oil book. Now I get it, it sounds like alot BUT I couldn’t imagine my life without doing this heavily ritual every night!

THE ESSENTIAL LIFE BOOK – For all the beginners out there, this one is for you. It is very pretty and very easy to read! Covers all ailments and emotional needs with a little bit of DIY recipes. This books has discusses all doterra products and gets updated yearly.

MODERN ESSENTIALS – Dives into the medicinal purposes and some history behind each oil. I go through stages between this book and the essential life book. This books has discusses all doterra products and gets updated yearly.

ADVANCED OILY MAGIC – Great easy to read book. Lots of different options on how to use each and every oil.

NEAL YARD – COMPLETE WELLNESS & ESSENTIAL OILS – Both books are great and I like each book for different reasons.
COMPLETE WELLNESS covers all natural ideas (not just essential oils) to help with different ailments.
ESSENTIAL OILS will guide you on individual oils. Such a beautiful book. Love the different recommendations on how to use each oil. I just wished they had the name of the oils in alphabetical order instead of the latin name for each oil.

DR ERIC Z – THE HEALING POWER OF ESSENTIAL OILS – This book is brilliant. I love a docters point of view on how to use these oils and his explanations on how and why we should use each oil are spot on! The format of this book is a little different to the books mentioned above BUT you will not be disappointed.

GIFTS OF THE ESSENTIAL OILS BY VANESSA JEAN BOSCARELLO OVENS & ADAM BARRALET – What a magical book! Truly stands out from the rest and targets our beautiful spiritual awakening. I have attended two of their courses already and I always feel so inspired after I absorb all the wisdom that these two amazing souls have to offer. There are over 100 oils oils discussed and each oil has an affirmation and three special blends for us to use.

EMOTIONS & ESSENTIAL OILS – I use this book ALOT! It covers all doterra oils and their emotional attachment. It provides an explanation as to how the oils will support us and how we can use each oil. This is a MUST HAVE BOOK for any oily lover.

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DIY Accessories

Centaur Packaging – is hands down the fav. Especially if you live in the Illawarra as this is our local store. They are very helpful and pretty much have all you need to help you along your low tox DIY journey. BUT if you are unable to visit their store they charge a $15 flat fee delivery.
They will also refill your empty CASTILE SOAP bottles at a cheaper rate.

Natural Good Life – this beautiful website is very similar to centuarpacking BUT they also sell essential oil books. I LOVE A BOOK TO KEEP AT MY BEDSIDE TABLE!

AromaTools Australia – This is where you can buy the modern essential hard cover books and essential oil accessories.

Anita’s Oil Essentials – has a nice range of accessories to chose from.

Diffusional Essential Health – Has THE BEST ROLLER LABELS!!! Huge range of oily accessories to chose from. I find diffusional very affordable and buy from them often.

Oils for Life Australia – This is another fav. website for oily accessories and resource books. They also have the most beautiful foaming soap dispensers. BUT be quick as they always sell out. ALSO follow them on Facebook as they are constantly posting info/recipes on different DIY products.

eBay Australia – for convenience and FREE express shipping a sometimes resort to ebay. I brought my first rollers from there. I have brought an ok Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) and Jojoba oil from one of the laboratory online stores.

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Facebook Groups
Eltasha Essential Oils – This is my private group that you are able to access once you join the Eltasha tribe. All the beauties in this group are so supportive and you can ask or search for any oily question to help you along your oily journey.
The Essential Oil Life – My first Facebook group that I joined and I truly obtained majority of my essential oil knowledge from this group. It has changed a little since I first joined a few years ago BUT I still recommend joining.
Spectrum Essentials Oil Sharing Group – Loz has created this beautiful group to help us use oils for our ASD blessings.
Naomi’s Home Health – Naomi is a wealth of knowledge and covers all things natural health!!! Her healthy food ideas and non-tox DIY are my fav!!!
The Enchantress Apothecary – Mon is the ultimate spiritual goddess. Join her group for weekly readings and spiritual guidance.
Essential Oils for Pets – How to use essential oils on our four legged friends.
Dōterra AU/NZ official Facebook page – Keeps us updated with monthly promos and constant ways to use our oils.
Dōterra USA official Facebook page – There are times that doterra launch new products but we can only access it through the US PRODUCTS tab through our account. If they have released a product and they have stated that it is available for NFR then that means we can purchase these items through our account. Keep in mind that all prices are in USD which also means there will be taxes on top as will as extra international shipping costs.

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