Oils For Travelling

Here are some basic blends that you can create to take travelling with you .. and a lot of these oils come in your top ten starter kits.

DIGESTZEN: to help with any stomach issues, discomfort or motion sickness 🛳

EASY AIR or BREATHE: to assist with allergies and help promote a deep sleep 😴

TOP TEN OILS: LEMON, OREGANO, FRANKINCENSE, TEA TREE & ONGUARD to help keep your immune system strong while traveling in confined space around perhaps other unwell people 🤧
OR CLOVE, HELICHRYSUM, CILANTRO, OREGANO & THYME is my mega immune health blend.

PAIN: ICE/DEEP BLUE is a good start but I like to also add, WINTERGREEN, COPAIBA, FRANKINCENSE & TUMERIC. This is to support our body after a full day on our feet or carrying a backpack 🏃‍♀️🎒

RELAX: I added ADAPTIVE blend as this is my go to when I need to help shut off my overstimulated brain 🧠

SKIN: this Blend of LAVENDER, TEA TREE & FRANKINCENSE has so many purposes!! But if you have any skin irritations then this is your go to! 💖


ROSE TOUCH: the oil of unconditional love. Apply over the heart and wrists and deeply inhale! This oil IS A MUST for all oily lovers! The scent is incredible and takes you to a deep place of relaxation and happiness 🥰 But also great for the skin and helps prevent scaring.

TERRAAMOUR blend is an all natural insect repellent

ONGUARD HAND SANITISER is a must to spray your seat on the plane and your tray table.

Other items I highly recommend are the ONGUARD & PEPPERMINT beadlets. And a small diffuser.

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