Monthly Update on Using Your Oils

Emotional Healing with Essential Oils – July Edition

With the FULL MOON in Aquarius on the 24th of July this is a great time to ask… “How do I better myself – How do I improve”

Oils to Work With: Cedarwood, Lemon Myrtle and Neroli

🌱 CEDARWOOD helps bring connection for those with social anxiety or restlessness

🌱 LEMON MYRTLE provides the gift of mate-ship, “We are all equal”. Removes tall poppy syndrome. Remember we are all different and we are only as strong as our weakest member.

🌱 NEROLI brings out our creative side. Helps us think outside the square.


Oils to Work With: Lavender, Manuka and Roman Chamomile

🌱 LAVENDER to helps slow down and think about your actions

🌱 MANUKA helps you heal after being burned

🌱 ROMAN CHAMOMILE provides tenderness from a scorched heart

– Take your wounds and bitterness and turn it into adding contribution to the world.


Turn your hurt and pain into a sign of strength – Flip your prospective into positivity.

“I am so grateful … “

Is this hurt from Mother/Father wounding ??

What heaviness do you feel in your life.. ?

ASK for the wounded past to come forward to complete the healing process.

Oils to Work With: DOUGLAS FIR, FRANKINCENSE, YARROW/POM and HELICHRYSUM to help nourish, journey through our emotions and let go.


Oils to Work With: COPAIBA, ROSE , TURMERIC and SIBERIAN FIR .. Go it to the energy of emotional darkness to help release. STOP SELF LOATHING AND JUDGEMENT.

Other suggestions..

🌱 OREGANO helps break the cycle of hate and provides protection

🌱 WINTERGREEN get rid of victim mentality. Stop spending your misery money.

🌱 CARDAMOM good for releasing anger

🌱 BUDDHA WOOD – this one is for the Males:
Help tackle man shame or humiliation
Help soften the man up mentality
Address vulnerability and embrace it which limits the common cause of suppressed emotions


💡 Add a couple of drops to your diffuser each day.

💡 Add a drop to your hands and conduct the cycle of 7 breaths. Hold for 7 secs and release for 7 secs.

💡 Apply oils to the area of the body that requires the emotional relief eg. Heart, stomach, temples

* All these words of wisdom are from the monthly teachings of Vanessa Jean at Food Alchemy & Adam Barralet at Crystal connections.

I highly recommend you follow and attend any of Vanessa and Adams classes if you are one that needs further guidance with holistic healing.

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