Loyalty Rewards Program Explained

dõTERRAs Loyalty Rewards Program is one of the most generous points system going around! Not only do you get 100% of your shipping back on every LRP order BUT if you spend over 50pv you will receive a percentage of your order back in points. You start at 10% back then after 12months of 50pv monthly orders this will increase to a huge 30% back!

Here is a STEP BY STEP guide on how to place your first order.

Your points are ready to use when a drop tab will appear in your account. Simply just select how many items you would like to purchase with points then process your order immediately.

No more visiting the highly toxic cleaning isle at the supermarket. doterra monthly orders help you make the easy and more natural swap over to plant based, low-toxic products in your home.

Making your own perfume is not only cost effective BUT can help support your emotional needs in the most natural way.

Whenever I need to add something to my LRP cart I safe the items in my calendar on my phone, then when i’m closer to my LRP date I simply just update my cart and process my order. OR I can wait for my nominated date for the system to process my order then.

Every time you would like to change your order make sure you click the EDIT BUTTON which will take you straight to your LRP cart.

AND YES, you can order U.S PRODUCTS. You just need to click the U.S PRODUCTS button and it will take you to all the U.S products that are available to purchase. This is a great way to stock up on your supplements that are not available here. Eg. Turmeric capsules, Serenity (sleep) capsules, YarrowPom (the fountain of youth) capsules for collagen production. Keep in mind that all prices are in USD and there are extra taxes and shipping costs.

Some tips I’ve learned along the way:

✨ Your points will enter your account from the 15th the following month.

✨ YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANYTIME by calling the beautiful people at member services.

✨ When you place an order with a LIMITED TIME OFFER (or an order using your points) products you must add a standard product and process your order immediately as LTO items cannot not be saved.

✨ To receive the FREE OIL OF THE MONTH you must place your 125pv order before the 15th of the month (Utah time).

✨ It’s best to use your points on products that have a big $ to PV difference eg, skincare, beadlets, onguard concentrate, laundry detergent, shampoo & conditioner or an expensive oil.
eg. Lemongrass $13- 12 PV.. And when you use your points you should get the oils that have the biggest difference in PV eg. Ginger $67 – 43.5 PV

✨ There is a $3 admin fee to process your order used with points so it’s best to save your points til you reach over 50-100 to save the $3 each time.

✨ Points cannot be used on diffusers or LTO products.

✨ You can only receive the FREE 125pv oil once through your account.

✨ You can order multiple LRP orders in the month. Just press the EDIT button and delete your previous items and add your new items. Then press CONTINUE then press PROCESS NOW.

✨ ALL shipping cost will be given back to you in points. So if you elect to pay express shipping at $17.96 you will get 18 points back. (Personally I always elect for the road express shipping option for $9.95 and I get 10 points back and I get my parcel either 2-3 days max.)

✨ LRP is a great way to earn an easy $50USD/$80 each month. (We call this Power of 3/PO3)Just get another three people in your front line to place a LRP order of over 100pv and if your overall total is over 600pv you will receive $50USD into your dōTERRA account or bank account.

✨ BUT THE BEST PART OF IT ALL…. all LRP orders get a ticket to win prizes each month!! 😍 This is only available to those that have joined the ELTASHA team. Due to such this generous loyalty rewards I have reduced the toxic load in my home and I don’t need to go down the cleaning, health and beauty isle at the supermarket. (Unless getting a cleaning sponge or hair elastics) I absolutely LOVE IT!! 👌

Still want more info on LRP.. Then take this simple LRP quiz to become the LRP master.. https://www.quiz-maker.com/QCG1XBM


This pic will help you visualise how valuable getting the $8 shipping back in points truly is! Each one of these items shown are less then 8 points each. This means you can receive one of this items FREE every month.

With the LRP you ALWAYS get your shipping back no matter how small your purchase is. If you spend over 50pv you can get up to 30% of your order back in points. Please get in touch if you have any questions as we would love to help.