KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. It is up to us to dig deeper into how to use these wonderful oils.

If you stick to the simple rule of, ‘USE A LITTLE AMOUNT OF OIL BUT EVERYDAY‘ and ‘LESS IS MORE‘ when using you oils then you can’t go wrong. But if you would like to know more then here are some of my recommendations to help build your essential oil and low tox knowledge.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been around for hundreds of years! So lets go back to trusting mother nature and dive into the natural power that she obtains..

Using Essential Oils with Kids

This was my light bulb moment when starting with essential oils. Introducing less toxins in their lives was so important to me PLUS seeing them make their own roller blends based on their emotions OR helping me make our non-toxic cleaning products is so much fun! They truly think of it as a fun science experiment.. Especially when making your own dishwashing tablets.

Essential Oil Quick Reference

With so many essential oils on offer sometimes knowing what essential oil to use can be overwhelming. Here is quick reference guide to help us get straight to the point.

Resources and Other Websites

Dive in a little deeper with increasing your essential oil knowledge. The easiest way to find oily ideas is Pinterest BUT here are some of my recommendations with other helpful resources to help ease the inquisitive mind.

Oils for Travelling

Here are some basic blends that you can create to take travelling with you .. and a lot of these oils come in your top ten starter kits.