On Guard beadlets are a brilliant way to boost your immune health and safe to take daily. PLUS convenient to travel with. They consist of a 1/4 drop of oil and is safe for the whole family to use.

Either ingest the tiny beadlet whole or if your starting to feel the tickle in your throat it is best to pop the beadlet in your mouth. This helps eliminate the bad bacteria and sooth any discomfort.

I also recommend popping a beadlet for when mouth ulcers accur. Its best at night after you brush your teeth before bed.

Key Ingredients
Cinnamon: Known to promote a healthy immune system, Cinnamon oil can also help freshen the breath.

Eucalyptus: The Eucalyptus oil used in the dōTERRA On Guard blend is a beneficial component of the dōTERRA On Guard blend due to the purifying and cleansing properties it holds for the body.

Revered for its ability to promote healthy respiratory function, Rosemary oil contributes to the respiratory benefits of the dōTERRA On Guard blend.

Clove: Another essential oil known to help freshen the breath, Clove oil is included in the dōTERRA On Guard formula for its antioxidant properties.

Wild Orange: With purifying and cleansing properties, Wild Orange oil can provide the body with antioxidants.