Lifelong Vitality

There is a reason why Lifelong Vitality (LLV) is dōTERRAs NUMBER ONE BEST SELLER!!!!


ALPHA CRS + are the best supplements out of the three due to providing us with top notch cellular health and helps remove toxins in our body in order for us to absorb nutrients
XEO Mega – fish oils capsules to assist with circulatory function and great for us as we get old to help with body aches and pains.
MICRO PLEX – multi vitamin but in food form (not synthetic base) and this is the reason why my iron levels are so high which I used to be board line anaemic.

LLV should take no more then 30 days to feel a difference BUT please persist for 90 days in order for the full blood cycle to kick in.
Take capsules at AM and PM with meal

✅ General wellness and vitality
✅ Antioxidant and DNA protection
✅ Energy metabolism
✅ Bone health
✅ Immune function
✅ Stress management
✅ Cardiovascular health
✅ Healthy hair, skin, and nails
✅ Eye, brain, nervous system
✅ Liver function and digestive health
✅ Lung and respiratory health
✅ Gentle on stomach
✅ Anti-inflammatory & Arthritis
✅ Does not contain genetically modified material, dairy-free

I only take a half dose which is one pill each twice a day (morning and night) with meals (ideally after your first bite) BUT the recommended dose is two of each pill twice a day. Please do what feels best for you. 😃