Gourmet Cooking Wellness Box Enrolment Kit

We’ve combined everything you need to cook up a storm in the kitchen, into one specially designed little box that will meet your culinary needs!

Whether you’re a sweet tooth or like a little more spice, the Gourmet Cooking Wellness Box has you covered! The Gourmet Cooking Wellness Box Enrolment Kit includes:

🌱 Rosemary Essential Oil – 15 mL
🌱 Ginger Essential Oil – 15 mL
🌱 Basil Essential Oil – 15 mL
🌱 Fennel Essential Oil – 15 mL
🌱 Lime Essential Oil – 15 mL
🌱 Black Pepper Essential Oil – 5 mL
🌱 Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil – 5 mL
🌱 Introductory Packet & Enrolment
🌱An exclusive card with recipes curated by some of our favourite doTERRA chefs, that you can only access by purchasing the Wellness Box.

Retail: $253.00 AUD
Wholesale: $184.00 AUD
PV: 125

Take your cooking to the next level and sign up with this enrolment kit today.