Monthly Update on Using Your Oils

Emotional Healing with Essential Oils – July Edition

With the FULL MOON in Aquarius on the 24th of July this is a great time to ask… “How do I better myself - How do I improve” Oils to Work With: Cedarwood, Lemon Myrtle and Neroli 🌱 CEDARWOOD helps bring connection for those with social anxiety or restlessness 🌱 LEMON MYRTLE provides the gift… Continue reading Emotional Healing with Essential Oils – July Edition


Bath Salts

Ingredients: 🌱 1 Cup of Epsom Salts🌱 1 Squirt of Fractionated Coconut Oil🌱 Oils of Choice (See below for inspiration)🌱 Optional - Food Colouring Instructions: In a bowl, mix together:Epsom SaltsFractionated Coconut OilsOils of ChoiceA few drops of food colouring (if desired)Mix well and pop into a jar, ready for your next relaxing bath. 💡… Continue reading Bath Salts


Baby Wipes

Ingredients: 🌱 Viva Paper Towel Roll - Cut in half🌱 Fractionated Coconut Oil🌱 Purifed Water 🌱 Large Square Sistema Container🌱 Lavender, Tea Tree, Frankincense Essential Oils Instructions: Into the empty Sistema Container add:1 Squirt of Fractionated Coconut Oil3 Drops of Lavender2 Drops of Tea Tree2 Drops of Frankincense1 & 1/2 Cups of Purified WaterPUSH paper… Continue reading Baby Wipes

DIY Cleaning

Leather Cleaner

Coconut oil works as an excellent leather polish! Clean up imperfections in your leather shoes, purse, or other items with this three ingredient solution containing the cleansing power of Eucalyptus oil.Ingredients: 🌱 ¼ cup Fractionated Coconut Oil🌱 ¼ cup vinegar🌱 5–10 drops Eucalyptus Essential OilInstructions: Combine all ingredients into a small glass dish and mix thoroughly. To use,… Continue reading Leather Cleaner

Body, Face, Hair, Face & Body

All Natural Face and Body Coffee Scrub

Ingrediants 🌱 1/2 cup Espresso coffee (Used caffeinated grounds - you can use from coffee pods)🌱 1/4 cup Brown sugar🌱 Few squirts Yarrow Pom serum🌱 Drizzle of Fractionated Coconut Oil🌱 Few drops of your oil of choice INSTRUCTIONS Combine ingredients in a small bowl.Apply on wet skin and gently rub in circles to help remove… Continue reading All Natural Face and Body Coffee Scrub